Beginning farewells

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Spent the morning at McKay Elementary School in Beaverton.  It seemed weird to see say, "See you in May," as I left.  Walking out the door, I thought to myself, "Oh, my, the adventure is beginning.  I need to blog this tonight."  So here I am....Many things wrapping up.  RICE project concluding next week.  Food Festival next Friday.  Things are really moving fast.  The kids at McKay are willing to participate in an connection project.  They just love our kids reading and playing with them.  We also completed two "teacher projects."  It would be great to hook them up with buddies in Israel.  So many levels of exchange to go through.  I also need to look at VoiceThread software again.  Might be a way to begin the project.  McKay could use the global view and kids would love the contact with the outside world.  Kristin joined us today for service.  She voiced what I feel every month when we are at McKay.  Being at Catlin Gabel is truly special.  Service ended with the kids going out to lunch at Beaverton Town Square.  The group was fabulous as usual.  Bus got back on time.  Wish we could take kids out more.  They represent their school so beautifully and the skills they learn about managing themselves are invaluable.  Not even technology with all its virtual pieces can replicate actually experiencing the face-to-face contact of a cultural experience.  Back to packing....