The Art of the Brain

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 Tuesday morning, I started in Chris' lab again and after we did readings with the mice, I got to clean more mousey head peices while he went to a meeting. When he returned, we had lunch and talked about quantum physics and parallel universes. To convey this idea he flipped a coin and told me to call it in the air. Holding it in his hands, he explained that it can't exist until it has been observed, and therefor it must be whatever we say it is. When I got it wrong and the observed coin was tails, he explained that somewhere, that coin had to be heads because it was once a probability. We didn't go into this much more, but it was really fun to talk about it. 

After that I met up with the members of the research psychology department (I think thats what it is called) and after walking around the farmer's market a bit, we all sat down and they told be a bit about what they are doing with their ADHD research and what each one of them specializes in. After that, I got to go to a dept. meeting and they talked about some update and stuff but then they talked a little bit about case studies. Two girls shared a story of this little girl they had both worked with. They said she showed signs of many different psychological problems and they gave tips to the others on how they dealt with that. I know that many of the people don't particularly enjoy dept. meetings, but I found it really interesting! When the meeting was over, I followed one girl to the rooms where they do the testing. We talked for a while about the process of each visit and how everything runs, and then I talked to her a bit about how she got there. She told me how, in her sophomore year of college she just saw the webpage for a study they were doing at OHSU and she contacted them about being a volunteer, and as soon as she graduated they were able to hire her. She encouraged me to do the same and I may very well take her advice. We then went to the main offices and while I waited in the hall for my new tour guide, Sam, a guy I had met at lunch, came out and saw that I was looking at this pretty picture of these colorful lines that formed a picture that looked like a 3D brain. Under the picture it said: "Awesome." When I pointed it out, he explained that it was  actually a type of scan that they do on the brains that shows the connections being made from one part of the brain to another. At this point, another girl came out of the office and took me to over to see the scanner. First, she showed me the room where they have a fake MRI scanner so that the ADHD kids can have a chance to see what it is like before they actually have to be in it. Then we saw the real one, which happened to be MUCH larger. We spent a little time looking through all the different kinds of scans and then returned to the office. 

I have to go meet with Chris now, but I will finish this later! (I wouldn't want to get in trouble for not blogging again....)