Recieving our Host Families!

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I'm so excited that we now know who we will be staying with in Gifu! I look forward to meeting my host family and hanging out with them!

My host student shares my passion for basketball so I'm hoping to bond with her over that. I'm also excited because my host father is very interested in history and airplanes. He has offered to take me to the town he grew up in and I can't wait! We're also planning on viewing many castles in Japan and I look forward to that. My host father also speaks fluent english which is an advantage for me but I want tot try and act like he doesn't. I'm not going to get home until around 8 pm so I won't have that much time with him anyway but when I am with him I want to speak only in Japanese so that he can help me with my language skills.

I've been trying to e-mail my host student Azusa with no avail. I would really like to get in contact with her so we're already acquainted by the time we meet! Yoko is trying to get me an address that works...

Still practicing my piano piece and Solier boy dance occasionally!

It's almost time and I'm really looking forward to our trip!