Day 4!

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As always I'm busy busy busy! I got to come in at 6:30am today, half an hour later yay! I might be coming in at 7:00am tomorrow but we'll see, that would however mena a little more sleep.  On the plus side, I get fed breakfast AND lunch, so today I have french toast and eggs sunny side up, or as the cook likes to call them "Eggs looking at you".  After my morning breakfast I grabbed a stack of papers for the set, loaded them on a van, hopped in with the papers, and drove off to the set of the house where we were shooting.  Just a side note, if Zanny Allport sees this, I totally saw your dad while working the set when he was walking the dog! And Jesse K.B. I saw your parents the same day!

So anyways, today we shot all interior shots, meaning all the action was going on inside the house.  Sadly for me, that meant I got to see a lot less.  Because I would only crowd the space inside, and because my job is to guard the set from any crew or pedestrians entering or making noise when they are shooting, I basically spent a large majority of my day sitting in a chair by a side door and keeping an eye on it.  On the plus side, this chair of mine was around the same table in which a large number of the actors came by and sat while other scenes were being shot.  I talked at least breifly with the man that plays the father in the film and the girl, who actually attends Grant HS, who plays the daughter!  She also happens to be a twin which is something we talked about.  I got to talking to them about their job, their lives, and they asked me about myself and my interest in film.  I told them all my asperations, my college plans, and as I was going to go deeper into the conversation and continue my bonding experience... the P.A. Jackson called me to the front of the house for the first time to guard the front door for a while... damn.

From there I spent a little bit more time talking to the girl, about her time at school etc. and I actually talked/sang a bit with the Father character, Robert Blanche, as we recounted songs from "Flight of the Concords" which apparently he loves haha.  That's actually how we started talking.  He came out the side door singing the sound out loud and I joined in... good stuff...

The other guy I started to talk to again was John Kent Harrison, the director.  BUT, just as I started my conversations AGAIN the A.D. Jason called for me to help remove nno-parking barriers from the street so they wouldn't show up in the shot... so right when we started talking I had to leave and we never got to really engage! Double damn.

Anyways, aside from the few mishaps with that it was a relatively relaxing day.  I spent some time "storyboarding" for a short film I want to shoot over the summer in a small composition notepad that I bring to set each day.  Not to mention, the weather today was amazing, and I got to work on a little bit of a tan haha.  I'm looking forward to some more good weather tomorrow when we shoot at a Cafe in SE Portland! It's gonna be another long and early day, but I can't wait!

Signing off.... Ian