View of the Classroom within Doernbecher Hospital

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 Today I was faced with new opportunities and situations that tested my ability to find alternative ways to teach students material and engage with the student. Until today I have been working with students who have also been patients at Doernbecher Children's Hospital (DCH). Although a new day brings other challenges and circumstances. To change it up today I worked with the sibling of a patient, instead of the patients themselves. This interaction allowed me to have new interactions and understand the consequences as well as devotion that occurs within a family with a member is in the hospital. Each student I work prompts new conversations to occur and I figure out new ways to approach teaching students about the material. 

The classroom where I work with students every morning is featured below in the pictures. The students come to one classroom and we all work at the table together completing assignments and doing art projects. Also below there is an image of cocoons, and in the classroom they are growing caterpillars that have now formed cocoons, and will become butterflies in the next week. Lastly, the image of the fan with the butterfly is an initial example of the art project we did today. We traced butterflies onto the fans and then painted them with silk paint making them into beautiful fans.

The students in the hospital come to school in the classroom featured in the pictures below. Some students are also visited by teachers in their room throughout the day to continue teaching material from the morning, provide supplies or read/teach the children later in the day. Some children can come to the classroom most days while others can't for multiple reasons. Some students are in isolation so none of the school supplies can come out of their room once they go in, and the teachers have to gown up to enter. Other students sometimes don't feel well enough to come to the classroom, but still receive material to stay engaged in schooling if they have the energy. Also the schedule of the medical staff sometimes dictates when the teachers can work with the students.