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Today was not the most exciting day on the river, I got to work (its my job now apparently) this morning and SGT Gullberg and Dep Herron had a meeting to go to. They told me it would be really boring so they gave me some stuff to do around the office to save me from the meeting. I ran some interoffice mail to the Hansen Building, and took a key back that Gullberg had borrowed and picked up the mail for the Columbia and Willamette offices and gas card for one of the patrol cars that Dep Harper got when exchanged his (I think). I had only ever been down stairs in the Hansen building once, when Dep Erickson took a couple of us down before a SAR meeting to show us the holding cell. It was empty when I went down there but it was still pretty eerie because at first no one was down there. After I took care of that stuff I went back to the Columbia office and manned the phones.

I went through their voicemail box and wrote down all the messages as well as took some for people who called while I was there. People are starting to get the citations we wrote up a week or two ago and are all calling to get more details or say that they really do have their registration up to date. When I answer the phone I say "Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, River Patrol" but a couple of times I almost said Search and Rescue instead of River patrol.

After I got done with that the Lt. came in and asked me to do some research for him about some properties that the county gave to metro over the years. One of the ones they gave to metro they are now using as storage but metro wants to tear it down. So the Lt. asked me if I would look into what else we gave them so he could say, look we gave you all of this can you please give us this little property back. Since the 1990s the County has given at least 20 to metro. I'm not done looking into it but it is pretty interesting to see the exchanges and transfers between the county and metro.

I know this post is less robust then most of my previous ones but that just the kind of day it was. I heard over the radio that some guy was sitting outside is ex's house and threatening to end it all. I never really heard about any specifics but the police safely got the lady out and nothing was ended from what I could tell. But it was interesting to listen to it play out over the radio.