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 Day 8

Today was a little slower, because my mentor, Nathan Hamilton, was spending the day today visiting a client in California. Pixar! So Nathan said I could leave at lunch!

But I still did a few things around the office. First I went down to the workshop and cleaned up all the brushes and stain samples from a couple days ago. Pete showed me where to put all the exess paint thinner and where to rinse things. I found myself rinsing $1.25 brushes. Every dollar counts.

Once I had tidied up, I cleaned up some blueprints and other documents that were in the conference room. 

After I finished those two things Nathan suggested I ask a couple other people if they needed any help. First I asked Rashmi, another architect, if she needed anything. But she said she was fine and that, "you should go enjoy the nice day". 

Then I asked Pete, and he said he could use some help cleaning up the workshop. So I went down with Pete and he showed me what needed tidying. I also told Pete about how Nathan and I had a minor miscomunication yesterday. I mentioned to Nathan that I was going to the zoo on Wednesday instead of coming in, but I forgot to mention it again this week. Whoops... Pete responded to this, "It's normally not a good thing when you don't show up to work".

In the workshop, Pete had me use a drill and take apart some wood apparatusses and organize some tables. But then it was time to go home.

The End.

-Jesse Kimsey-Bennett

"We gotta get right back to where we started from" - Maxine Gayle