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 Day 7

Lets see...

Today I was tasked with staining more samples so we could make a final decision on  stain colors. Nathan and I took a large wood board outside and set it up on some stilts. Then I proceded to paint the board with every stain color represented. 

It was long and tiring work. Luckily it was rather sunny today. One guy asked me where 18th was, which was odd since we were on 16th. One woman parked her car, saw me, then moved it across the street and left. I guess I'm pretty intimidating with a brush in my had... One guy saw me painting and proclaimed the age old addage "wax on, wax off". I also so Bobby Bonaparte, a Catlin Gabel alumn who works a floor below me at TigerLogic. 

After I had finished, Nathan and another architect came down and looked at the different colors. Unfortunately, neither was 100% convinced as to which stain colors to use. Yikes, I dripped a lot of paint on the side walk.

We all went back upstairs and had lunch. I spent my lunch practicing the angry birds theme song on my computer. Too much paint thinner got into my system...

Once I had mastered none of the song I was attempting to learn, it was time for me to return to my stain work. Nathan said he wasnted to see more samples, so it was my task to get more wood. I headed out to Parr Lumber, with company credit card in hand.

To be honest, I know very little about woods. So talking to the woman at the desk, who was a lot bigger than me, was somewhat intimidating. Although her stature was demoralizing, she was very friendly  and helped me get what I needed. 

Once back at the office (it's really hard to fit 1x8 wood beams into an elevator), I found Nathan in another meeting with consultants. It was the same group of consultants I met last week, plus two new guys. One looked like a young Russell Crowe, due to his tan and his hair, and the other looked like your typical IT staff. 

I relaxed for a few minutes and just listened to the different consultants. One consultant, who was worrying about vents and ductwork, looked a lot like John C. Reilly, and sounded even more similar. I learned something valuable today, adults where watched. Imma need to step my watch game up.

Soon it was time to get back to work. Nathan sent me back down to the basement, where I met Pete. Pete is a big guy. Not fat, but tall and sturdy. But he also knows the workshop. Slightly intimidated, I told Pete I had very little (essentially zero) experience with powertools. Kindly, Pete stopped what he was doing and showed me... everything. I took lots of notes, but I'd rather not bore you. It was all pretty crucial and I wouldn't have been able to safely do any of it without him. "I've seen people do dumb shit all the time" - Pete.

After cutting up the wood beams I bought earlier, I began staining the smaller pieces. But then it was time to leave. Phew, couldn't take much more of that paint smell...

Then End.

-Jesse Kimsey-Bennett

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p.s. Did not accept follow request till after work.