Week 1

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Rohan, Rieko-sensei, and I had a fund-raising meeting where we laid out a lot of ideas and scheduled several events in April and May. I'll get into details during tomorrow's lunch meeting. We also had the choir concert filmed, thanks to Andrew, and we'll use a brief excerpt from that in the video that we're showing at the Gifu Kita assembly. I think I'm supposed to be helping Anthony with the blog as well, so I need to start corresponding with him about that. I'm looking forward to next week, but after being shown our  winterim schedule, I have some doubts about how much of our video and extra work we'll be able to get done, considering how much we have planned. But I'm sure that the group is committed enough to do their work during the late afternoons and evenings next week, if need be, especially since we won't have any homework to do.