Spencer's Teaching Adventures: Part 2

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So, still working a couple different jobs, and they are all pretty fun, very confusing, and I'm still tired. I actually have homework now too, which is definitely not what I signed up for. I also got to see a child custody dispute case, which was a learning experience as well. Fun week.

I sat in with an advanced Japanese class as well, and pretty much 60/70% of what they said went right over my head. I learned some new stuff too, which was helpful, and I got to hear really fast Japanese speaking, which was scary. It gave me something to strive towards though, so at least I've got another reference point.

Kaneko sensei also frequently goes in to translate for Japanese speakers dealing with the legal system, since it's required that everyone knows what is happening to them when they're being tried. We got to drive all the way to St. Helens, get locked out of the courthouse for 45 minutes, get let into the courthouse, and then wait for the actual defendant, who showed up 30 minutes late to his own custody hearing. I don't think he got bonus points for that. Also, Kaneko sensei was scared by him, he was a pretty weird looking dude. The actual hearing wasn't all that exciting, there were no accusations or harsh words yelled around, no one got into a fistfight, I was pretty let down by that. Got to visit a nice little town though, and got to sit in on an actual courtroom discussion as well, so fun stuff.

Rest of the week was pretty routine, just making teaching references and organizing bookshelves, and helping Kaneko sensei with helping some of her students study occasionally. Most of the ones who speak English are really impressed by my Japanese, even though I personally think I'm pretty meh, so that's a nice little bonus.

Also, I wash dishes and vaccuum. Cleaning blows. *heh*

Bad jokes aside, it's been fun, and I'm looking forwards to the one and a half weeks or so I have remaining.

Spencer signing out.

I have no idea how to make pictures show up in the post, so hopefully it works. I promise I'll take more later. Scout's honor.



All the sides of the job

Hi, Spencer.

It's pretty interesting to hear about all the different pieces of your work with Kaneko sensei, as it gives me a better idea of the parts of her job as a professional level teacher and translator/interpreter. The custody appearance sounds pretty high stakes. I remember several years ago when I was at an appointment at OHSU, and a Latino family needed an interpreter to explain a physician's instructions for follow-up care. Nobody was around who spoke any Spanish except me, and I tried my best, but lacked a medical vocabulary which would have been helpful, to say the least. My, that was humbling, and bad service for the patient, too. I wonder if your mentor registers with a courthouse team to receive cases.

Have a great day. We miss you around campus!

She used to be the only

She used to be the only Japanese interpreter in the state I believe, now there's 3 or 4, but she still goes in once or twice a month to translate. Soooooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuch wooooooooork.