Great Wall and Temple of Heaven (August 3, 2011 by Joseph)

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Today, we woke up early to go to the Great Wall. We were all somewhat upset about this until we realized how much hotter it was when we were leaving then when we got there. The wall turned out to be absolutely stunning. Had there not been so many people, I could have stayed up there for hours in complete repose.
     On the way back from the Great Wall, we stopped at a jade museum to have lunch. We had a brief tour and were taught how to recognize fake jade from the real thing. We then had a half hour or so to walk around and to discern the many pieces. Some of them were gigantic and cost up to 300,000 yuan. Even the cheapest ones were at least 100. I know my dad would have refused to even consider buying anything, knowing what a churl he is. We had lunch at the jade museum.
     After the museum, we got comfy for a 2-hour bus ride to the Temple of Heaven. By this point, everybody’s eyes had closed and refused to open. When we got there, it was with disbelief that I realized I had to go back into the bright sun. I was about ready to purloin the keys from the driver, turn up the AC, and fall back asleep. I feel somewhat unqualified to be writing about the Temple of Heaven, since I spent most of it with my eyes closed. I made my hedonism quite obvious when I decided to rest in the shade rather than walk 40 meters to buy some ice-cream or candy. We decided to call it an early day and eat dinner at the hotel. By this point, I was about ready to genuflect to my bed and fall asleep. Zai Jian!