Delivery day

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 This week I learned how to set up and operate the machines that the yogurt comes out of, which basically just involves pressing some buttons and replacing some tubes.  Monday was a really slow day, as Mondays usually are. My mentor gave me permission to read a magazine because she couldn’t think of anything else that I could clean.   

Tuesday was less rainy and, therefore, more busy. During a lull in the stream of customers, I walked two blocks to the bank to get change and make a deposit.  My mentor sometimes sends me out to various places (Safeway, the bank, the flower shop next door) to buy things for Lucky Spoon, which is pretty exciting. I may have already mentioned this in an earlier post, but I forget. 
Tuesdays and Fridays are delivery days, and every delivery day, I have the daunting task of logging all of the deliveries. Not only do I have to write down all the quantities and prices of everything, but I also have to date everything and find space for it in the fridge. Without school to remind me, I have some trouble keeping track of the date: I accidentally wrote 5/4 on all the fruit containers instead of 5/24 and had to redo all of them. Nobody noticed, though, which was fortunate.
After all of the deliveries were logged, I went back to cashiering and giving out sample cups. For lunch I had the best vegan burrito ever known to man. I also had some leftover blackberries from the topping bar that looked rather mushy, but still tasted good. One of the perks of working at a place with a topping bar: when the toppings no longer look appetizing and are no longer fit for sale, they are up for grabs for employees. We have lower standards than customers.