#7: Wrapping up

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Looks like this is the last full week of senior projects. I am planning on being on-air from 10-12pm tomorrow, so I am excited to reach my goal of personal air time. My mentor is having me and some other interns play some music and pretty much do whatever we want. I am not achieving my complete goal since the beginning, but then again, my senior project has evolved itself into much more than I expected.

Initially, I planned on spending the majority of my time planning a show idea, pitching my idea to the program directors and then airing my show over the course of some weeks. Instead, I got involved in the news department and began writing for them. In some sense, I achieved a similar goal, so I am proud of that. In the other sense, I do think there is a certain satisfaction of achieving what you set out to do in the first place. Though, I think there were some inherent roadblocks between me and my initial goal. 

The process of getting a show on KBOO is actually very tedious and drawn out. SInce the station is community driven, the power hierarchy is pretty much dictated by personal connections. Staff who see volunteers hanging around the station for a period of time are more likely to give them airtime, simply because they have shown consistent and genuine interest. An intern, or someone who is involved for the experiential aspect of the station, is much less likely to see air-time or other important things. Instead, they have us do more of the "behind-the-scenes work," or "off-air" work.

I don't have a problem with this situation, but i do think it makes for a pretty one-dimensional viewpoint on the radio. The volunteers who are invested enough to actually get on the air are a certain kind of people. They are the people who devote their lives to getting their message heard, completely for free. I do admire this, but I think it limits the station to a certain extent. Then again, this may just be the nature of public radio.

These last few weeks have been informative. I have learned the nature of a volunteer-driven workplace, while learning a lot about an intense interest of mine: public radio. I am excited for air-time tomorrow.

This is one of my last posts, but I don't think my time with KBOO is over. I plan to spend a few more weeks dropping in and helping out around the station. Stay tuned in the next few weeks for some closing thoughts on my senior project as a whole and some advice for the juniors when picking a senior project.