#6: Same old (Photos)

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I have been doing the same thing for the past couple days so I don't want to bore everyone with more of the same. I took a few photos around the station that are kind of cool. I took them on my phone (sorry for the bad quality).

1. Right when you walk into the music archives, this is what you see. This photo doesn't do the room justice because there is so much music in that room. I spent a couple of hours looking through all the music and I found some cool stuff. I was also suprised to see albums that had come out only a few weeks ago, it shows that they definitely keep their music library up to date.

2. (For Art) These are the Wipers vinyl records I have been listening to. They are mostly studio albums. I took your advice and found some live footage on YouTube, and you're right, Greg Sage is a maniac.

3. Another photo of the huge library of music.

4. This is the PM news room where a bunch of people cram in and get the news scripts together for the anchors. It gets pretty crowded with writers but its usually fun to talk about stories and help each other out with stuff.

5. This is where I spend my mornings archiving live music onto CD's. It's usually pretty quiet so I also catch up on email and listen to music and read and other fun stuff.


**I put all of the photos into a Word document so I could post them on the blog.