Staff Meetings are Scary

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So yesterday I had to stand at the front of a classroom in front of all the teachers here at BSE and the principal (my boss) and tell them all about the project I'm working on. Thankfully it was a pretty laid back meeting and the faculty were very receptive to the ideas I was pitching about using the garden in their curriculum next year. I also found an AMAZINGLY helpful book titled "The Growing Classroom" which is chock full of class plans designed to use a garden to teach 2nd-6th graders in a number of subjects ranging from science to nutrition and sustainable living. Overall the meeting went well, and I think my boss was pleased (yesss!!).

I'm also now in charge of getting a wooden chair that the fourth grade built engraved and stained to put in the garden. Hopefully I'll have enough time to get that done (I'm pretty sure I will).

Also, composting is going extremely smoothly. The kids continue to impress me with their intuitive feel for what kinds of material can and can't be composted. It's great to see them walk up and proudly throw their banana and orange peels into the correct bin. Having the fifth graders on the sustainability team is also going to be a big help, since someone is going to need to monitor the process when I'm not there to help. I am concerned that the 5th graders have to miss class, but hopefully the impact isn't too negative because I don't see a readily available alternative.

And now I must go tend to issues such as who I can borrow staining brushes from.

All's well,