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 A week later, I finally find the time to write and reflect a little bit about the opening night of my exhibition.  Like I predicted at the end of my previous post, it was a long day of work for me.  I accomplished all that I had hoped to accomplish, except for the picture frame and the sign directing people to the Dant house.  And technically, I only had to put bridges on one side of the screen… Minor details, though. 

The tempra painting was super fun.  You could say that it has inspired me to paint windows in my house this summer… (Don’t tell my parents).  I was lucky enough to have some help too, while I was running around campus trying to find a projector screen. 

Oh, funny story about the slide projector.  Before my exhibition, I had never actually used a slide projector, so I couldn’t figure out how to put the slides into the carousel.  I didn’t get that you are supposed to take out the inner ring, allowing for the slides to fit into the slots.  I thought there were all just too big and the wrong size, sooo I may have cut up about five slides to fit before realizing I was doing it very very wrong.  It was a good moment for me. 

Anyway, by the time 3:30 rolled around, I was in full panic mode.  I realized I hadn’t taken a shower in about three days, my caterers were supposed to be on campus in 30 minutes to start setting up, and I had yet to create a picture frame or sign.  I chose a fast shower at the gym over the picture frame and sign, thinking that I should probably look somewhat clean for the final culmination of my Senior Project.  I even wore a dress that I had found junking around Portland several times before.  I figured it was appropriate.

While I was still running around trying to get everything ready, my caterers had yet to arrive, and it was nearing 4:15!  4:30 rolls around, and I’ve gotten calls from a bunch of people saying they were going to be late, including one of my caterers.  For a moment, I had the horrible thought that no one was going to show up and that the opening would end up being a complete joke.  I had to take a moment to sit in my green chair and breathe, telling myself that it would all be ok, no matter what happened. 

And it was all okay!  My caterer arrived with food, and some other people went and picked up some light desserts for the show to make up for the other caterers last minute cancellation.  Guests began around around 4:45 and 5, and soon enough, the lounge was crowded with people from all aspects of my life, from my mentor and her friends to friends from outside of school.  Overall, a good time was had by all.  I remember having a moment to myself to survey the room, and seeing a group of people playing cards around the blue coffee table, another cluster of people clicking through the slides in the projector, and other people enjoying the furniture and flicking the cars along the zipline overhead. 

Besides the opening being a success, I also have had people approach me about buying more of the furniture!  Nichole will be frustrated to know that I’ve gotten a better offer on the green armchair from a certain Catlin alum.  I would just like to get the most money out of this as possible to pay back my expenses, so I’ll just let them work that out… 

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures on my own camera, so I don’t have any to post as of now.  I know that both Vicki and Laurie have photos, so hopefully I’ll have some to post at some point.