Twelve and Thirteen

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On Tuesday I showed up a little before nine and relaxed for a while on the couch while Devon and Kevin planned the days' activities.  Devon began tinkering with a few pieces of a rig that they used to use.  He and Kevin bought a GH2 from Ryan who is a photography who works in the same room.  Ryan isn't always in the office and I assume he's out on shoots.  Devon explained to me how the GH2 is better than the Canon 7D and 5D in some ways.  I was surprised by how little the camera was.  Devon was having difficulties putting on the arm for the moniter that would be attached to the rig.  He gave me the job of tinkering with some of the joints and arms to create a flexible system that he could use without interfering with the camera buttons.  I had to grab a Leatherman from Jake next door and disassemble the arms and put them back together.  It took about 10 minutes but I came out with a workable arm.  Next, Devon had me go to the storage room and grab the tripod for the shoot at 11.  The storage room was filled with camrea equipment of all sorts.  Most of it was in cases.  After Devon finished putting together the camera rig, he told me my next task.  He told me to get a Japanese silk-like shirt from his house in Tigard.  More driving! I couldn't wait... At least I got to get out of the office for a while.  Sitting in a small room with four computers can sometimes wear you down.  The drive wasn't too bad and I found the house fine because I had a GPS.  It was a little awkward going in to his house with no one home.  I felt as if I was breaking in.  Anyways, I grabbed the coat from his closet and headed back to Indent Studios.  I made it back a few minutes before the model arrived.  Devon and Kevin took everything down to the new screening room and set everything up.  I waited for them to set everything up and Kevin let me come down when they were applying the thermal transfers.  They looked really cool!  I'll see if I can get some photos for my presentation.  Devon had a photographer who worked next door to him shoot the model and he shot some behind the scenes footage.  Devon seems to be into behind the scenes clips because he has been trying to document each moment.  We shot in a fully lit room, but the way the external flash was set up and the shutter speed, it made it look like there was really dramatic lighting.  It was cool that the Ryan (the photographer) was able to create the effect in a fully lit room.  After we got our shots, I carried the camera and tripod back up to the room.  After that I ate lunch and Devon worked on the pages for the comic.  I'm trying to remember what I did for the rest of the day...  Oh, I watched Devon go through the audio he had recorded with a girl for the sizzle video.  He picked out the best three takes of each section.  He also selected a music track which was really intense.  It was pretty fun listening to the audio.

Today traffic was pretty bad so I got in at about 8:50.  A hung out in the morning and heard about a shoot that they are doing next Tuesday.  Hopefully I'll be able to go and get some experience.  The shoot is a simple shoot in front of a green screen but I think it will still be fun.  Devon began working on an intro for Relium Media.  He found this really good tutorial online to create it as if it was crumbling off of a wall.  We spent the next hour or so working on that.  It was really complicated.  Devon did it in After Effects and I didn't have much idea of what he was doing.  After that, Devon and Kevin had a lunch meeting so I was left in the office for an hour and a half or so.  I went to Jake and he told me to look up some comic forums and write about them.  I wasn't quite sure what I was trying to look for, but I looked up some of the more popular forums and read some of the topics.  Many of them had contests and giveaways.  A lot of the individual comic forums didn't have much participation which is probably where Angel Punk would fall.  People tended to talk most about the DC and Marvel comics.  I still have to do a little more research, which I will most likely do tomorrow.  After Devon and Kevin got back, we finished the title on After Effects.  We also had to finished putting together the comic pages for the printer.  It turns out we had one extra page because we didn't count the cover so we had to consolidate two pages.  This wasn't too difficult but we also had to change the QR code because it sent you to not  We went through all of the pages and resized them so they would fit on the actual comic page.  The printer (not sure what his profession is called) came in and met with Devon about the finalized pages.  We had to decide which pages were full bleed (the image continued off the page) and which pages were kept within "safety" guidelines.  The comic should be printed sometime this week and hopefully I'll be able to bring in a copy for my presentation.  Some of the art is really cool!  At about 3:45, Kelsy (sp) came over and took a look at the Merge episodes that Devon edited.  They were pretty awesome.  Here is the intro that Devon worked on:

Here are some of the people I work with...