Ten and Eleven

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On Friday I came in a little before nine.  They didn't have very much for me to do for the first half hour or so.  However, after Jake and Devon assigned me my tasks for the day, I was extremely busy.  Devon told me that there was a meeting about the launch party and other loose ends around noon.  I worked with Kevin to order food.  I called Nosh and asked them how long it would take for an order of six sandwiches.  They said they needed to know an hour in advance so we wrote down everyone's order and called them in.  Next, Jake told me to go to Kinkos and print 11x17 copies of a couple pictures on a flash drive.  They would be used for the meeting so I had to get them before noon.  I mapped out where the nearest Kinkos was, got in my car, and began the journey.  It took longer than expected because there was construction on Grand and a couple lanes were closed.  A found Kinkos pretty easily and parked in back.  After waiting in line for a while, a lady came up to me and asked me if I needed anything.  I told her what I needed and she took me over to a self service machine.  She also made put my cash onto a Kinkos card because the machines only take those.  After finding out that the machine couldn't read the pictures on the flash drive, she told me to go to the front desk where someone would do it for me.  I didn't really care either way and thought it would be easier if someone else did, even if it was more money.  Hey, it's not my money I'm spending!  After getting the pictures onto 11x17 pieces of paper, I drove back and handed them to Jake.  He told me to go to the conference room and find Kevin.  The conference room is where we hold all of the meetings.  It is a small room, about the size of Dant 11 (or whichever is Nicole's room).  I told Kevin that I was going to get the food since it had been an hour so I turned right around, got in the car, and drove about four blocks to pick them up.  The lady working there was really nice.  I picked out a few drinks and drove back.  I had a much easier time carrying the food back than I did when I brought it back from Bunk because it was in two bags.  The meeting was really interesting and we talked about the launch party, the comic, and the film.  One of the main things we did in this meeting was determine what to do with the seven extra pages in the comic.  Everyone tossed around ideas and we decided on a few good ideas such as a film teaser, an about the artists page, and other cool pages.  After the meeting, I asked Jake if he needed me to do anything because Kevin and Devon didn't have much for me to do.  He told me to look up all of the comic shops in the big cities in America.  I spent the rest of the day googling "comic shops in _________" and ended up with a list of about 55.  I went in to ask how many he needed and he said close to 100.  I wrote down a few more cities to research on Monday.  For the last 30 minutes or so, I watched Devon and Jake create the cover page.  They had to stitch together two images because the scanner wasn't big enough.  We then had to painstakingly move the signature up because it was low on the page, however, I left before they finished this.  The day was pretty hectic, but today was probably even more hectic.

Today I had two different jobs: I had to finish creating the list for Jake, and I had to research how to put on a tattoo design onto someone's back.  For the first hour or so I researched more comic shops.  Jake came in halfway through and asked me to put on the URLs also, so after I finished I had to go back through all of them and find all the URLs.  Kevon told me to send him a file over Yousendit which took about a minute.  At aroun 10:30, Devon told me he had another task for me.  He said that they are doing a shoot tomorrow with a model for the "sizzle" video.  They had to "tattoo" an angel and put "Angel Punk" on her back.  I researched how tattoo artists create the stencil.  I discovered they use a machine called a thermal copier machine to transfer the design onto thermal paper that someone can use to put the design onto the skin.  I found a few nearby tattoo shops and called them and asked if we could use their thermal copier machine.  The artist's at Scapegoat Tattoos told me that they could do it for free.  All they wanted was credit in the video.  I then had to send the designs over to the artist to see if they would work.  The angel ended up being too complicated so Devon had to remove some of the details and make it more linear.  After getting approval from Brian (the artist), I gave Jake the details for him to pick up the thermal copy.  While I was doing all of this, I was also finished up the list of comic shops.  I ended up with 128 shops in total.  It took me a while to find all of the information because a lot of it was hidden and required a fair amount of looking.  It was also Kevin's birthday today so everyone went out to lunch.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  Hopefully the thermal copy will work.  We got two copies just in case the first one doesn't work.