Seven, Eight, and Nine

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On Tuesday I finished up editing the Sherwood video.  This involved putting in transitions, and finding a good music track to go with it.  After a couple hours or so of perfecting the transitions and making the music track fit into the correct time, I was finished.  However, a few minutes later I was scrolling down the B-roll that was unnamed and found more B-roll for the project.  I had to go back in and find where to put in the B-roll.  This didn't take very much time.  I left early today because I had to get home to film my Genres project.

Wednesday was a pretty cool day because i got to meet the comic artist that would be working with Devon and Kevin.  After the Zoo trip, I drove to Indent Studios and got there around 1:20.  The day before, Kevin told me to show up between 1:00 and 1:30, but I ended up sitting there for about 40 minutes until they showed up.  I was a little frustrated but they were meeting with the sound designer that worked with Fincher when he made The Social Network.  He's Portland based and could possibly work on the feature that Kevin and Devon are planning.  They told me that it was too bad I missed it.  Soon after they arrived, the comic artist showed up for the meeting at two.  Kevin, Devon, Jake, Val (the artist), and I went into the conference room.  Kevin brought in a camera to interview Val about the process of making a comic.  He said that he recieves the critical information from the writers and then pencils in the art.  After the Penciler draws the scene, he sends it off to an Inker who goes over the pencil with pen.  After the Inker is done, he sends it off to the Colorist who colors it.  After all the colors are in place, the Colorist sends it to the Letterer who puts on the dialogue boxes via computer.  After everything is in place, the page is finally finished.  Before the interview I had to put up some of the comic pages behind Val to make the interview a little more interesting visually.  The interview took a while so I ended up leaving at about 4:40, however it was worth the wait.

Today was pretty interesting.  I got to work at about 8:50 and Kevin and Devon had a meeting with a production designer at 9:00.  At 9:00 the five of us again went into the conference room to talk with the production designer.  I was given the task of taking pictures during the meeting.  It was really interesting to see all of the planning that goes into a feature length film.  The production designer laid out a bunch of specifics about each set.  He said he worked on the set of Night at the Museum and Tron.  He also worked with the person who created all of the weapons for Tron, including the flying disks.  He had to make over a hundred disks because he didn't want to change the battery each time it ran out.  After two hours had passed, the meeting ended and I went back to the office.  Kevin set me up with a few interviews he did a while ago with a couple psychiatrists about ADHD.  He gave me the task of changing the fonts of all the text so that they matched.  He also told me to add in transitions and put in music.  The music proved to be the most difficult because it was hard to find a good track that matched what the interviewees were saying.  After I finished, Jake and Devon came in and worked on the cover page for the comic.  We had a hard time stitching the two scans of the cover page in photoshop and had to overcome some difficult problems.  I left before they finished but I'm excited to see the final product.  On June 3rd during the launch party, they will be releasing the first issue and I'll be sure to pick one up.