First Few Days

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I just ended my third day at Lyon Films.  I've been doing quite a diverse list of things.  It seems like there are so many projects going on that they all get mixed up.  I'm working with Kevin and Devon who jointly run Lyon Films and who are amidst a number of different projects.  My first day, I helped them create a video for Mercy Corps, who just won the Portland First Citizen Award.  The video will be shown at the banquet on May 18th.  I helped them find photos from an online database that Kevin could use as b-roll for the interview.  This took most of the day because there were over 60,000 photos on the database.  However, I got a break when we went out for Indian food at lunch.

On Tuesday, I continued searching for the remaining photos and also read a screenplay for a feature length film Kevin and Devon are planning.  The title was Angel Punk and the screenplay was about 140 pages long.  After reading it, I gave them feedback on an online survey.  I wa also given a tour of the whole facility, including a $250,000 color correcting machine.  However, to use this machine they must hire an expert who gets paid up to $500 an hour.  I also got to see the new screening room that was being built.  After lunch I went with Devon to talk with Jake about the comic that they are going to create.  It is called Eternal Legacy and will be a series about the family lines of fallen angels.  The film Angel Punk is based on the comic and they are creating a website where they hope fans can pick their own family line and win points based on their activity on the site.  Everyone seemed very into the creation of the comic which was pretty fascinating.  I also got to see an introduction Devon made for a show his friend is creating.

Today I got in early so that Kevin and I could drive up to OHSU to shoot an interview.  We took a camera, a mic kit, a tripod, and a reflector.  The actual interview only took about 5 minutes because we were in a rush to get out.  I found this a good experience when working under pressure.  When we got back we roughly edited it and sent it to the recipient.  After that I read through a background reading about the Eternal Legacy series.  I also got to watch Kevin finish editing the Mercy Corps video.  For the next couple hours, Devon and Kevin searched through an online music database where they could download royalty free music.  Did you know it costs $39.95 to download a single track?  And they said that was cheap.  I guess it's important to have good sound that matches the video.  I'm looking forward to going on more shoots with them in the near future.