Days Four, Five, and Six

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On Thursday, I read through a document containing information on the Eternal Legacy series.  The document was about 40 pages and gave me a good description about the universe that they created.  After I finished reading, Devon gave me the task of finding images for a "sizzle" trailer he would be working on in the near future.  He told me to use Wikimedia to avoid downloading copyrighted images and suggested I look at images of Dante's Inferno.  I searched for awhile, but completely forgot to use Wikimedia.  I ended up on Google image search and had to throw out half of the images I found after a couple hours.  It's too bad because many of the images I found were pretty cool.  After switching back to Wikimedia, the search became much more difficult.  For lunch, the three of us walked to Nosh, a small cafe on SE 7th.  On the way there, Kevin came up with this brilliant idea for a film which involves the Autocorrect function.  However, I won't reveal too many details as it may be developed into a short film.  We will see... When I got back, I continued searching for images.  After I found a good amount, I put them onto an external hard drive and watched Devon edit an opening sequence he was creating for a friend.  Then, the three of us went over to Jake's office to discuss more about the Eternal Legacy series.


Friday was really interesting.  In the morning I finished finding images for Devon, and then I was told I was going to a production meeting during lunch.  Kevin wasn't here today so it was just Devon and I working in the office.  However, Jake came over from a couple offices over and talked about the comic with Devon.  They ordered food from a sandwich shop called Bunk Sandwiches on SE Morrison.  I had the task of going out and picking up the sandwiches.  I had to stop at a pizza shop to ask for directions because I couldn't find it after making several passes.  I finally found it wedged between a music shop, and another building (I forget).  I grabbed the sandwiches and drove back to Indent Studios (where the Lyon Films office is located).  I went into the conference room, sat down and listened to Jake and to people from L.A. talk about a launch party they're planning.  They were working on a layout and were deciding many of the details.  After about 15 minutes, Devon and a few others came in and joined the conversation.  At the meeting they talked about the launch party, looked over the website that was being formed, and discussed the extremely important topic of the url.  It seemed that was already in use by a pain reliefe center, here is the website:  The group decided to buy all of the urls that were available with "angelpunk".  After the meeting, I went back to the office and watched Devon edit the opening sequence for his friend.  After about 30 minutes, he decided to let me go early because it was Friday.


Today I got to edit my first piece.  Kevin set me up with a project they filmed in Sherwood.  It was an interview with the Sherwood Utility Billing Department.  I was instructed to put in B-roll over the interview.  Because they mostly edited in Premier, I had to edit a little differently than I regularly do in Final Cut, however most of it was the same.  The task turned out to be harder than expected because there wasn't much B-roll.  I had to pick and choose very carefully and decide where to place each part so that the viedo ran smoothly.  This is what I spent most of the morning doing.  We also finished the Mercy Corps video and burned it onto a few CDs for the reception.  For lunch, Kevin, Devon, Jake, Wyler (sp?), and I walked down to McMenamins to eat.  I brought my lunch because I didn't really want to buy lunch.  It's pretty cool that they can go out to lunch whenever they feel like it.  When I got back, I finished editing the Sherwood video and then watched Devon edit more of the project he was working on for his friend.  I believe it is a TV show called "Merge" and he was working on a short episode in which the main girl goes around to different places in Oregon and talks with the owners.  This was a pretty fun day because I actually got to edit some stuff.  Hopefully I'll get to go on a shoot sometime this week or next week.