Recap of my experience

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As I reflect over the past three weeks I have realized a lot of different things.  First of all, work can be fun.  Throughout the past three weeks I have made several friends, and have learned so much about computer programming.  I have spent free time with my co-workers bowling and shopping.  I have made inside jokes with my mentor and have spend countless hours juggling and doing puzzles.  Work isn't all fun and games, but a big chunk of it was for me.  Programming, the "work" part of the job was fun too.  I even had a competition with my mentor to see if I could finish a section of programming before lunch, a bet which I lost but he was kind enough to pay for my lunch anyway, a lunch that turned out to be the most exciting lunch ever.  My co-worker found a chicken kidney in is KFC chicken, which was extremely gross.  After he realized it was in his chicken he picked up another piece and kept on eating.  The kidney looked like a chicken brain, which is what we thought it was until we did some research.  During my experience at Nike I learned a little about networking and system integration, things that weren't taught at Catlin.  Even though I learned a lot, I'm still unclear about a lot of things but I expected that because I have only taken two years of computer programming vs Grant, who majored in the subject.  One thing I learned about was RESTful, which was a way to send and get information from one system to another.  It consisted of four functions: get, put, delete, and update.  These functions helped users of each system obtain information from the other.  Another thing I realized is that you should love your work because you are going to be doing it for a long time.  The people that I work with seem to love what they do and come in early just to get more work done.  I want to enjoy what I do for a living, I think everyone should, although if everyone did find a job they loved to do no one would be the dirty work and our society would fall apart.  Anyway, my experience at Nike was a memorable one and I learned a lot from it.  I think the information I gathered from this experience will help me out in the future when I need to get a job of my own.  Reflecting back on the experience one of the most memorable moments was when I got to see my program actually work and print everything I wanted it to, even though it wasn't the final draft of the program.  I'm going to miss working with this group of people and hope to see them soon whether it's if I visit or just around town.