Week 4: The Big Day, Visits, and Free Food!

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This last week of senior projects was definitely a great one. I’m seriously going to miss having to work all of the time, because even today, my first whole weekday without really having to do anything at all after projects, I’m completely bored out of my mind.


I started my week out with a WEDDING on Sunday! I finally got to help Nora out on-site over at the Allison Inn and Spa over in Newberg. It’s actually kind of funny, this is also where the only other wedding I’ve been to took place...I guess I’m only going to weddings that happen at the Allison for now. After picking up like a million umbrellas the day before from a florist downtown, I headed out towards Newberg. I wasn’t really sure what was going to happen when I got there, seeing as how most everything would be done relating to set up before I arrived. BUT, as it turns out, even though the venue was gorgeous when I got there, there was still a lot left to be done. While I was there, I got to set out menu cards at each place setting, put a pair of sunglasses on every seat in the ceremony space, and organize every escort/table card in alphabetical order on a table. Although this sounds like a pretty easy job, there were like 145 people at this wedding, so each job felt like it took forever (not that it wasn’t fun...lol). I also helped set up the dessert display, set out candles, and steamed and fixed table linens. If you’ve ever seen a movie with a wedding planner in it (I’m talking to all of you who love the one with Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey), when they’re wearing heels while working a wedding, it’s a lie. Everyone working that day was definitely wearing ballet flats because constantly walking between the ceremony and reception spaces is almost like a workout if you have to do it enough times. After the ceremony was over, I helped to guide guests towards the reception space and collected all the umbrellas I had brought earlier. We got lucky since it didn’t actually end up raining, but it was a really cute accidental detail anyways.


The rest of the week was spent working on more RSVP stuff, and mostly returning things that we used at the wedding.


As for PSU, this was my shortest week of work. Monday was Memorial Day so no one was in the office and Wednesday I was traveling back from Seattle and couldn’t come in that morning. Buuuuut, on Tuesday I spent a lot of time researching entertainers for a tailgate for a game against OSU later in the year. This includes like, face painters, balloon artists, and caricaturists. Turns out all three of those professions can charge seriously insane amounts for their services...its actually pretty ridiculous. I also did a lot more work in their database this week. On Thursday, I spent most of the morning making more name tags for two different events. Turns out I can totally do the whole name tag making thing by myself now, I was pretty impressed with myself for being able to remember all of it. J Most importantly, Ginia came to visit on Thursday! Jackie and I gave her a tour of the house and told her about all that I’ve been doing and then we went out to lunch, woo!


Friday was really nice, because although I didn’t have a whole lot of work to do, Jackie and Charlie took me out to lunch at Veritable Quandary, and everyone signed a card telling me how much they appreciated me with a Starbucks card inside. Working for the PSUAA is awesome. And speaking of how awesome they are, they’re letting me come work for them the week after graduation when Charlie is going to be on vacation! I love them all so much.



Great work Kyra! Glad you

Great work Kyra! Glad you were so well appreciated!! that's a lot of name tags...