Jewish Babies (and lots of impending tears)

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This coming Monday I'll start a month of working at the Beth Israel Preschool located at my temple, Congregation Beth Israel.

I'll usually be switching between the classes of "Two day Twos" (2.5 year olds), "Tweeners" (older 2s and young 3s), "3's and 4's," and "Pre K" (4 year olds). All together there are only about 25 students so the classes are very small. The school focuses a lot on art and artwork so I look forward to helping the kids create! 

My days will vary but for the most part I'll just be helping teachers however it seems necessary. 

I'm very excited to spend so much time around cute little babies AH!


Don't cry!

Why tears? Yours or theirs? Here's hoping for a dry Monday....