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I am starting to work on my poster for the NWSES system as well as composing my oral and PowerPoint presentation for the Oregon JSHS.

I'm going to print out two posters using PowerPoint templates from MakeSigns, paste each on a poster board, and clamp the two poster boards together for a mega-board. I've checked and it fits the NWSE size restrictions, barely. :-)

Does that sound good? Thanks so much again.



Do you know you need this

Do you know you need this much acreage? Let's look at what you want to put on your poster this week. If you build a double decker board, you'll want very large font up at the top so that folks can read it without a stepladder. I have posterboards you can use, and we can measure them to make sure the poster you make will fit.

Yep, I have two empty 36 x 48

Yep, I have two empty 36 x 48 poster boards from years ago. I pretty much calibrated the size according to last year's poster, so I think it's not too much room. (And I made double-poster boards in middle school, so it has been done). Thank you!