Mirrors (Part 4)

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Ah, yes. The hand-drawn squiggly line.

They look like seahorses. Or Cheetos.

I can try to refine my drawing technique... but is this the idea?

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spray cheese out of a can, perhaps?

Yes, this is the general idea. Something with a consistent frequency and wavelength would be ideal.
Are the green dots on the right smaller than the green dots in the front? If they're getting smaller as they recede into the distance, that makes sense (I think I see the red dots getting slightly smaller as they go backwards), but the green dots seem to shrink at a disproportionate rate, relative to the red and blue.

You're right! Sorry. I was

You're right! Sorry. I was indeed trying to have them recede into the distance, but yes, it is disproportionate. I'll work on that soon. Thanks so much!