Mirrors (Part 2)

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And here's my second design.


  • More intuitive visual of DIFFERENCE between layers, I think - at least, that was my intention by using multi-color
  • (Although my first design does depict layers with differently-sized quantum dots)


  • You can't see the quantum dots
  • There is no incoming sunlight (although I made the top layer yellow to invoke that)


Many thanks!


we're making two figures into one (apologies to JT)

What about a mash-up of both of these, with differently colored dots to indicate differences between layers, and including the incoming sunlight (perhaps in wiggly lines). I don't think the 1st image, with dots, is too busy, and I'd even suggest extending the dots on the right side of the figure, to show that they're spread out in all directions within the layer.
I also like the visual (I think you made it?) that shows different wavelengths penetrating to different depths in a multi-layer cell.

Thanks for the helpful

Thanks for the helpful feedback! Good points. Yes, I did make the visual that shows the progression of light intensity as it passes through a multijunction cell, so I can incorporate that too, potentially. Thanks again!