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I have been working on the T-shirts designs for a while, coming up with ideas, often sketching them out and then stamping them with a big "X" of rejection. I'm having a bit of trouble coming up with ideas that will fit a wide variety of tastes, remain within my ability to illustrate, and stay within the limit of colors and detail that is acceptable (due to the direct correlation with the aforementioned and the cost of the shirts). I have ideas, but at this point I would like some input from the group before I get to the stage of putting drawings up for a vote. Some input on my ideas, and perhaps suggesting some of your own, would be excellent. I've seen T-shirts from previous years, which included a rather adorable cat, a paper crane, a somehow adorable sumo-wrestler, and a rather boring large print of ”日本”. We want to avoid copying any previous group's ideas, because we're more awesome than that! Here are some of my ideas so far:

A cute drawing of an oni, perhaps getting chased around and having soybeans thrown at it during せつぶん.

Sakura trees, blossoms, etc. Those are pretty. 

Those Japanese lanterns which I believe are called かけあんどん.

The paper ships with candles in them that are floated during Obon.

Famous anime characters? (Sorry, I'm am otaku. I had to at least suggest it.)

A 柴犬.

I think that's a good list for now. Please give me some feedback, remember that this is the shirt that will represent us! The big memento! Or some such.