A bit of baking, perhaps?

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So, we all know we have the bake sale tomorrow, which I expect will be rather fabulous. I wish I didn't have to miss it! But I will definitely make time to drop off my baking goods in ML4 in the morning before I go, so that's good. We've been making good progress, I think. I'm almost done editing the second draft of my personal introduction (with much thanks to すばらしいみね先生!), and I will post it soon. I haven't found a specific place for second drafts, so I'm assuming we post it in the same place as the first draft. I have been working on the T-shirt design, mostly conceptually, and I was wondering if perhaps Cameron would like to join me in the process? I have a somewhat limited scope of the types of things I can draw, and while I'm sure I could definitely produce something passable this trip is a team efforts. Also, while I have a good collection of ideas, and I have the company we'll be using to order the shirts (CustomInk.com), some input from you all would be welcome. You will be wearing these shirts a lot, and they will be an important memento of our trip! Take an active interest, please!

Good luck at the bake sale tomorrow (everyone keep practicing the dance!)