Ants, Bees, and a Tiny Egg

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Talk about bittersweet...

Today we discovered Timothy's beehive was infested with ants.

Apparantly the ants enjoy the sugarwater as much as the bees... quite a battle must have ensued in there.

In a sleeveless shirt, I didn't take a closer look. He threw out the sugar water, so maybe that will help. Timothy uses  a unique form of beehive, I heard someone reffer to it as a "hippie hive" one time. So it's a constant experiment, I guess. Which keeps things interesting.

I weeded today, and used a scythe to chop down grass and bad stuff around the berries. Then I raked up the clippings and threw them on the compost pile. Got lots of sun. Took care of the chickens, who are growing each day. One chicken laid a tiny egg, though. I don't know why, or how that happens... but I think it's cute. I wonder if it were to hatch, what would come out... maybe a sparrow? Or a very small chicken?

It looks kind of scared in there, surrounded by the big guys. Maybe I should have given him his own box.

I'm going to have to figure out how to cater Rebecca's artshow now. Scrambled eggs?