Sunshine at Arbor...

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  ...means a day outside. We ate outside, we played outside, and we rehearsed for the Greek play outside. The main attraction was the sandbox: the boys dug huge crevasse and then filled them with water to make rivers and lakes. It’s a good thing parents pack an extra change of clothes, because everyone was soaked as well as dirty. The invisible rug has been converted into an indoor sandbox.

During math we worked with math machines, which take an input number and change it (by adding 2, or subtracting 6, or doubling, etc) to create a new output number. Griffin was absent, so I worked with Peter, who drew a very intricate math machine, with many lights and dials, and Henry, who was abnormally focused. Peter surprised me by choosing to triple the input; he stumped the entire class when he shared his machine, and he’s only a K.

I conferenced with Ruby at quiet reading—Ruby wants to be a teacher at Arbor when she grows up, which is adorable. She’s sweet and sincere, and quite precocious. I like to think that I was like her when I was in first grade (Felicity says I was perfectly behaved and intelligent, but I can’t imagine… my best friend was the most rambunctious kid in the class)