Baklava reviews: positive

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 In response to Aline’s question: working with 19 kids for 7 hours a day is exhausting. Something is always going on that you have to be aware of, and it’s difficult to keep up with the kids (in carpool today, when I asked Barit if she was as tired as I was, she announced: I only get tired after I run around my house 100 times!) who are always going. I guess it’s good to have at least two teachers in the classroom at once, so one of them can have an off-day and the other can be the more aware of the two. But since starting, I’ve been the most tired I’ve ever been, I think.  

It hailed right before snack and recess today, so we did an experiment to see how fast the hail could melt, placed in the sun and the shade of the classroom. Then Felicity and I did a demonstration of how to leave the classroom after eating—first running and throwing lunch boxes in the general direction of the hooks, then skipping, then walking calmly and double-checking our seats, etc. The kids totally loved it, and since the “deners” downstairs hear every stomp (when I was in junior down, we sometimes thought that there was an earthquake when junior up was loud upstairs), they’ve been working on being quiet all year.

Interesting observation when working with Griffin today: sometimes he writes his name GRIFFIN, but at other times he writes NIFFIRG, starting with the G and working backward. I don’t think he realizes that these are different, and sort of just gets turned around, the same way he does with his numbers.


Photo attachment:

This is a picture drawn by Nina after hearing the story of Odysseus and the Sirens this morning. It’s of Circe warning Odysseus of the sirens and sending him on his way with food and gifts.

The caption reads: “Circe giving Odysseus […] a basket of fruit.” Children are priceless because they are so innocent.