Two Days, Two Flights

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Like usual I entered the meeting room for the weekly school staff meeting, but was surprised with Jared came in with a headset. He told me that I would be flying today. I almost didn't believe him, but I later found my self in a helicopter. It was my first time on a helicopter and it was the best experience in the world. I flew with an instructor named Lisa and her student who was doing his instrumental training. Most helicopters are two seaters, but the one I rode in is the R-44 a four seater. Since it was raining and the aircraft isn't completely air tight, little water drops dripped down during the flight. We flew over Scappose to PDX then back to Hillsboro Aviation. The student wore the hood (hat that covers part of vision facilitating bad visibility caused by bad weather ). I also took more pictures of the land and the beautiful sky. After my flight I worked with Daniela. I registered the Chinese Eastern students for a new course with the TSA. It was a very long process of changing information and creating new information.


I shadowed a CFI instructor, Kelly today. I had previously flown with her on my first airplane ride at Hillsboro Aviation. I went on prog ride with Kelly. Prog is short for prognosis. The airplane I flew on was a multiengine so instead of having one engine on the front it had one on each wing. The weather was rainy and cloudy so the ride was a little bumpy. Before be had flown Kelly had told me that she would test the student on engine failure. She must have seen my confused face because she continued to explain that she would idle one of the engines and the student, Ian would have to use his pilot skills to maneuver out of the sticky situation. I asked her if this was safe and she told me it was totally safe and if he didn't know what to do she would assume controls. When it happened she told me the airplane would move aggressively on the side that was still working. Later when I got on the plane I was a little  bit scared, but I didn't have to worry because it didn't happen because of the bad weather conditions. After our flight I watched a graduation ceremony for the China Eastern students that are returning home to work.