A Barbecue that wasn't a Barbecue

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Work was very slow today. I helped Daniela again with sending off photos for the TSA of the Chinese students. The foreign students at Hillsboro Aviation have to be registered with the TSA in order for them to be able to fly an airplane or helicopter. I basically continued what I did yesterday. After I finished that I printed off certificates for students and then it was time for the barbecue. You'll notice that my title conveys that there was no actual barbecue. Instead of grilling burgers and hot dogs we had pizza from Little Caesar’s. It made sense not to have a barbecue because the weather wasn't sunny and Mark, the main griller recently had pink eye. He didn't want to stand over a grill with the risk of contaminating someone else. The pizza was good the only real problem with the fake barbecue is the line for the food. Hillsboro in comparison to Troutdale is much bigger which means that lines were extremely long. I can't complain because I eventually was joining everyone outside of the hanger to enjoy our barbecue pizza.