World Cup Heatin' Up

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So people at Nike are getting more and more jazzed for the World Cup, so my focus is now completely on that. Nike, and more sepcifcally: everyone in Nike marketing, is so wholly dedicated to appealing to the consumer that they don't really keep up with World Cup news, but that's where I come in. It would've made more sense for me to write this in my first blog, but a major part of my job is forwarding headlines and breaking news to the employees in the Emerging Markets office. I siphon through articles and magazines and let my coworkers know if something big is going down. I also get requests to go on research ventures and find out things like: when do team X, Y and Z arrive in South Africa? And, which stadiums house the most people? The excitment of the World Cup has also changed the atmosphere around here. No longer is everyone concerned with how well the "Write the Future" campaign will be recieved (because people are loving it!) or what should be on the menu when Boca visits (we figured it out: Argeneinian food, duh), its pure World Cup fever. I would've loved to be here when the games actually started, but I guess I'll settle for being here when Nike-sponsered Inter Milan beat the Adidas-sponsered Bayern Munich in the UEFA Championship game (people were pumped on Monday, Nike: 1, Adidas: 0). I did, however, get a short break from work today when the person who connected me with my mentor, and close family friend, swung by to take me on a tour of the cool side of Nike. For those who don't know, Nike is split by a lake into a marketing side and a production side, which my mentor jealously refers to as the "cool side" because its where all the apparel designers and higher-ups work. Plus, when athletes get tours, they go there. Anyways, Rick, the family friend, had something to do on the "cool side" and stopped by my office to see if I wanted to come. I came with and he gave me a private tour of the Pete Sampras bulding, where the shoes are created. After that we took the elevator up to the top floor where Rick had to drop off something with Phil Knight's assistant. No, the thing he dropped off was not going to Mr. Knight, but Rick did show me Mr. Knight's office on the way out. He wasn't around, but it was still pretty nucking futz. So, now I'm back to the office and the daily grind, really wish that story could've ended with my meeting Phil Knight, him thinking I'm the coolest person ever and then offering me the rights to the Nike, Inc. Alas, that didn't happen, but a boy can dream, can't he? I'm out.