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Application for Senior Project Class of 2010

Please answer all questions fully, using as much space as you need.  Then save and print this document, obtain the required signatures, and submit to Joan Piper or Nichole Tassoni, both in paper form and electronically (attach it to your Drupal Portfolio as a Word document) no later than  March 3, 2010.


1. Your name: Koby Caster


2. Name of faculty advisor for your project (not necessarily your C & C advisor): Art Leo



3. Name of your C and C Advisor: Art Leo



4. Summary: Give a concise summary of your project plan.

I’ll be interning with the emerging markets division at Nike. I will be working on a number of new campaigns that they will be releasing in the next few years. Specifically, I will be working on campaigns targeted toward teens living in South America, Africa and Asia and their outlook on soccer. In one project entitled Football Obsessed Teens, I will be researching super soccer fans in these remote areas in anticipation of the world cup. In another campaign I’ll be researching whether or not Copa America 2011 (South American international soccer tournament) is a big draw to teens. I may also be working on a project where Nike is attempting to locate the 100 best teen soccer players worldwide.


5. Statement of purpose: What is the object or purpose of your project? What do you hope to accomplish? What do you hope to learn?

By project’s end my project advisor asked that I form a presentation to show to the Nike employees in the office on my finding. Effectively, I will be informing the Nike emerging market’s employees of how to market towards these teens in the Copa America and World Cup projects and helping create biographies of teens within the 100 best teen soccer players program. The thing I’m most excited to learn is how a major brand like Nike takes an idea from its conceptual phase to an actual campaign. 


6. Statement of interest: Why are you interested in this topic? Do you already know something about it? What and how?

A career in sports is something I’ve always wanted to have since I was very little, so to have a glimpse into how the single biggest sports brand worldwide operates will be very interesting. Although I don’t know much about how a campaign is put together I know enough about sports for this project to be a major draw for me. Working at Nike will allow me an opportunity to be surrounded by sports and to see if this is really something that I would want to pursue as a career.



7. Who will be your on-site mentor in this project? How did you choose this person?

What agreements have you made with this mentor about his/her role? Please provide contact information for your mentor.

Through another connection at Nike I came into being introduced to Melanie Strong, an employee in Nike’s Emerging Markets Division. Melanie was also the brand manager of NIKEiD (a website where you can customize shoes) and is the current manager of the “Football Obsessed Teen” campaign.


Mentor's Name and Title: Melanie Strong, Emerging Markets Division, Nike Inc.


Mentor's Phone Number: 503-671-2505


            Mentor's Email Address:


8. What is your understanding about your actual work? What will you do? How much control will you have about what you do? With whom will you be spending your time? What will be your regular hours?

My job will consist of researching soccer’s global effect on teens and helping out within the campaigns listed above in anyway Melanie needs me. I will have some control on what I’ll be doing because I may be able to start and progress through these campaigns as I chose. I will be spending most of my time with Melanie and the four other full-time employees working on these projects with me.


9.  Please give the street address of the location of your senior project (where you will be spending the majority of your time): Nike, Inc. One Bowerman Drive Beaverton, OR 97005


10. How do you intend to share your project with the Catlin community?  You may either write and present a (substantial) paper, or create and present a (substantial) Powerpoint presentation about your experience. Powerpoint.


11. What do you see as the potential difficulties of this project? What might prevent the project from being successful?  How can the committee and/or your project advisor support you? There are no foreseeable difficulties.


12.  Is your PE requirement complete? Yes


13. Is your community service requirement complete? Yes


14. Do you have any other obligations which might be affected by the project? No








Signatures:  (must be completed before the project will be considered.)




Faculty project advisor:________________________________________Date:___________________


C & C advisor:________________________________________Date:___________________






Mentor (signature may be faxed and attached to this application: