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So I just realized that I hadn't made two of my posts viewable by the public. My apologies. Anyways, "Write the Future", the campaign I mentiond in my mini-blog/ shameless promotion, was just released and Facebook is going crazy. Again, heres the link:, although I don't think you can view it without an account (you can view the teasers though:  The group accumulated over 100,000 people and although the commercial has only been out for and hour, people are commenting like its nobodies buisness. Emerging Markets, the section of Nike I'm working with, did some of the ad work for the feature and are very happy with how successful the Facebook event has become. My role in this was pretty minor, but I was in charge of keeping tabs on the growth of the people who had joined the event. Beyond that, not much has changed at Nike. I'm still prepping for the Boca Juniors visit next Friday, helping organize transportation, catering, etc., and doing odd-jobs such as moving boxes of clothing and taking down dated print ad samples posted in the conference room, although this may be news to my readers, because the blog mentioning that was "reader-only". I'm also working on a giant bracket illustrating the World Cup playoffs that we are trying to make cover an entire wall...


...I just left for a meeting, came back and now I have a lot more to do. The VP of EM just became the VP of running so now I'm doing an organization table of who works where, so I can give it to the new VP who will reorganize the branch because he's moving out of his old position and now there's missing pieces. To bad I don't have that buiness degree, otherwise I would ask for the slot. Annnnnd I just got like 5 emails in a row, so I really should go back to work, I'm out.



UPDATE: Maybe you don't need an account, Nike just put it up on youtube: