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There are four things that I love about working here: being surrounded by people who talk sports all day, having an office (who am I kidding? Its a cubicle) decorated with Mercurials (super cool/nice/expensive/light soccer cleat) and posters of athletic legends, the three ply toilet paper that is in every bathroom stall, and this food. It is devine. In the past weeks I've had teriyaki chicken, maccaroni, fresh bagels and even a burger! Lunch is a little weird though. Everyone in the office goes to lunch on their own time and I find myself eating alone sometimes, but its all good, cuz that seems to be the norm here. People are always bringing their food back to their offices or sitting alone in the cafeteria texting on their Blackberries, which is sort of a pleasant turn from the loudness of Catlin lunch. I've made a horrible mistake writing about the food, though, because now I'm hungry. Later today, we might have an all-office meeting in Emerging Markets. Although a meeting may sound boring, they are sometimes the best part of my day. Everyone reviews what they've been working on and usually I get to see some new ad that will be releasing soon in a far off market. Every once in a while I see an ad for a new product or campaign that will release in the US months from now, even though our office is in no way involved with the ad. That all goes under Nike's mentality though, the whole company gets to see what one part creates. Obviously, I can't say what I've seen exactly, but I will say that you should wait a few months before you buy a new pair of baskeball shoes. Also, I'm not complaining or anything, but I'm kind of salivating at the chops for an employee store pass which I have been put on a deep waiting list for. As for what I'm actually working on, I'm still making up and sending out world cup updates and am helping with prepping for visits to Nike from the Boca Junior Argentinian soccer team and the Manchester City English soccer team which will both be playing the Timbers pretty soon. As always, I'm doing various odd-jobs such as running packages and taking down posters in meeting rooms, which is nice because it gets me away from my desk for a little bit. Live long and prosper, I'm out.