First REAL Day

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So I guess I sorta had day 1 on Friday, but it was more of an orientation. Today I'm actually getting down to it. For those of you reading my blog (whatup Art) my senior project is at Nike with the emerging markets divison. "Emerging markets" is a division assigned to spreading the name "Nike" to various countries in the Latin and Southeast Asian markets. Its an exciting time around here with the world cup just around the corner and it has become part of my job to keep my coworkers in the know about possible marketing oppurtunities within the world cup. What I'm working on for them now is a rundown of the major games that will be occurng in the world cup, particularly having to do with countries in South America and Southeast Asia. Nike's employees have been super welcoming, they set up a great office for me, complete with Nike décor, and have even given me some Nike gear as presents. Until next time, I'm out.