Final Post- Boca Visit

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So the day that Emerging Markets has been preparing for, for the past two weeks is finally upon us. The Boca Juniors soccer (read fútbal) team has arrived and in about an hour they will be practicing on Nike's very own Bo Jackson field. I will be heading down with one of my co-workers (Rivah) and doing raffle ticket stuff, the winner of the raffle gets tickets to the Boca Juniors v. Timbers game, I belive. I really lucked out being here for the entire proces. Its not often that someone can come to Nike for just three weeks and see an entire process, like the Boca vist, be planned and executed, and on my last day no less. I'll be running around most of today doing whatever the event planner, Chuck, asks me to do, starting with raffle ticketing. Beyond that, I'm just going to try to make myself as useful as possible. The people at Nike have been so kind to allow me into their office and see beyond the veil of the Nike corporation. This was an incredible internship and I am so thankful to Mel, Joyce, Chuck, Jay, Vik, Rivah, Christie and everyone else in EM who have all mentored me at some point in this wonderful experience that I will not soon forget.