Virtualization/3D Images

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I just got done with a teleconference with the 3D Images and Basketball departments. The meeting was part of a much broader initiative to start implementing 3D virtual technology to showcase new products to key accounts (retailers interested in selling adidas products). Since virtualization commencemed in 2011, each department of adidas will join the scope in a 3 year span. The meeting today was scheduled to discuss Basketball and Footwear joining in the Spring/Summer 2013 season. This entire initiative is beneficial to adidas as a whole because it has reduced expenses drastically. The departments that have not yet moved to the 3D solution, spend both time and money on physical samples to show key accounts. This is inefficient because it wastes  time, money, and fabric while the factory processes each sample. Given the number of prototypes that are generated (excluding the articles of clothing that actually make it to stores), 3D images has been able to reduce the number of sample orders by 24 percent.