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 If you read my last post, you know that I have been researching motivational/inspirational images and film clips on the net to help Adidas with their newest marketing storyline. Unfortunately, they can't tell me what the storyline is, but I am getting to be a part of the process nonetheless! The imagery is supposed to target male high school athletes (ideally showing progress and success following an intense struggle to advance in whatever sport/activity they partake in). Sitting at a desk and watching videos telling the audience to get up and put in work is definitely challenging. I think I need to hit the gym after I get off work to get out all this pent up energy that's been building up over the past two days. 

Check out this Nike "Take it to the Next Level" soccer commercial, and you will get the idea of what I'm watching. 



I probably have about a hundred images as of right now. It is extremely monotonous, but some of the videos are entertaining and worthwhile. I am definitely getting the jist of how marketing works, communicating with the right audience in the right way is clearly essential for the company's success. Anyway, tomorrow I might have off as my mentor is taking advantage of the long weekend to head to Vancouver B.C. Tuesday, I am scheduled to attend a meeting discussing virtual visualization of products (which, if developed, would allow the factory to have  a virtual representation of the products). This should be interesting. Afterwards, I am meeting with HR (human resources) to discuss future opportunities before senior projects are over. It's been a busy and engaging three weeks, that's for sure.