The Presentation/Time for some SHOPPING

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Last Friday I presented my findings to the Sports Performance Marketing team. One of the things that was interesting about this presentation was that it was a stark conrast to the kind of presentation  I would be doing at Catlin. At catlin, more often than not, presentations required us to analyze something, develop a thesis, and then provide tenable arguments for that thesis.  At Adidas, there was no overarching thesis.  They got mad at me if I didn't use personal pronouns because they wanted me to provide MY OPINION (as a consumer) on Men's, Women's, and Kid's apparel. They wanted me to say: "In my opinion, Adidas is not doing enough in marketing their Men's Training garments". I had never really had to solicit my own opinions like that before. Anyway, it was interesting to see how presenting in the real world can differ dramatically from presenting within academia, and how adapting the skills I have learned will be of the utmost importance somewhere down the line. Overall, I think the presentation was a posititve experience for both parties and both sides took something tangible away from it. 

Monday, I was given a new project. I was tasked with going out into the retail world (namely Sports Authority and Dick's Sporting Goods) for a covert mission of sorts. The project required me to go to the Nike and Under Armour departments of each store, and count the number of garments on the sales floor, the colors of each garments, the print of each garment, and finally the price (for both Men's and Women's). As you can imagine, this took quite some time and I did not complete both stores until the end of Tuesday. Supposedly, since Adidas already knows how many of their own garments are being sold at each of these two retailers, the information I gathered will help Adidas compete more effectively with Nike and Under Armour. 

Today is Wednesday, and I have been assigned yet another project. I am supposed to find "inspirational" images, videos, and quotes geared towards male high school athletes. Essentially, I am supposed to use my background as an athlete to help Adidas be more relatable to the public. I figure since soccer is the most popular sport in the world, I can allow my background as a soccer playe dominate which quotes and images I pick. I will have more information on which images, films, and quotes I pick soon!