Terms/Acronyms I've Learned

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Here are some of the essential everyday terms used here at Adidas that I've picked up along the way...


Global Foundation Range (GFR)- a select amount of articles that adidas wants to push worldwide to promote company cohesion across the article range

Key Accounts- retailers interested in selling adidas products in their stores (Champs, Dick's, Sports Authority, Foot Locker)

Model-a physical garment representative of a new article shown to key accounts for touch/feel purposes. The key accounts are also shown 3D images of the rest of the prints/colourways that the article can be purchased in. 

GMM- Global Marketing Meeting (in Hersogenaurach, Germany)

SMS-Salesman Sample 

Promo-Promotional phase, specific garments (often technologically innovative/groundbreaking) that are pushed for big events like the NBA's All-Star Weekend, or the Derrick Rose clothing line. 

Adidas Wear Test-the process by which adidas tests their product on consumers/professional athletes