Senior Project Blog: Adidas

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The past three days have been very busy at Adidas. On my first day I met with my mentor Ingrida Anderton, who was born in Lithuania. Before even exchanging pleasantries I was ushered into a meeting room to discuss Adidas' product calendar for 2014. Today is day three, and I am still struggling to grasp the calendar, as it is beyond complicated. There are 14 seperate calendars intertwined into a single global calendar, and I am supposed to help weave two of those mini-calendars in to one as to increase efficiency. Aside from trying to comprehend the ins and outs of the company at large, I have begun working on some projects that pertain solely to Adidas America. I am currently doing a competitive analysis of Nike, Under Armour, and Lululemon advertisements and comparing them with those promoted by Adidas. This includes the Derrick Rose "Unleash the Bull” and the RGIII Adizero commercials. Essentially, I am supposed to provide a fresh opinion of these ads and present them by the end of next week to the rest of the Sports Performance marketing team. All it requires is my opinion, but I have found that I have learned a lot from watching these videos. I have also started collecting results from a product test on some high school girls athletes. This is extremely monotonous, but it is helping me get a sense for the "Wear Test" aspect of Adidas' production process. It is essential in both approving prototypes for the factories but also in developing future products down the road. So far, I have found my mentor extremely accommodating. She lets me sit in on all her meetings, sits with me during lunch, and has even gone out of her way to get me free Adidas Employee Store passes. I am finding the work environment quite laid back, as the vast majority of the employees are quite young. I am excited to continue my competitive analysis and present my findings next week! On a sad note, I accidentally ran over a family of ducks on the way back from work :(. Otherwise, I could not be more satisfied with my experience thus far!