Last Day

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Wow, the past 3 weeks just flew by! Today was my last day with Ingrida at adidas.  While I was a bit disapointed that today marked my departure, I still had a jam packed day to focus on. This morning I had a teleconference with virtualization, Sandy Luu my project advisor came to visit me, I had a meeting with the Training Team until lunch, and an exit interview with with Human Resources to look into future opportunities. I could not have asked for a better experience here or a better senior project for that matter. The project enabled me to not only be informed, but to also inform those who have a real say in the company's trajectory. The fact that I could actually be engaged and prove beneficial to the company rather than simply being a burden was a good feeling. For a sizeable chunk of the project, I felt like a true member of the adidas team. Upon my arrival at adidas, I was surprised to see the employees jump on the fact that a high school student would be around for 3 weeks. I soon realized I represented the archetypical teenage sportswear consumer. While this undoubtedly placed me in a box from day 1, I found that this gave me power-power that would not be handed to me at another project where teens are not targeted to the same extent. My voice only grew once people got to know me on a personal level, and I soon found that my opinion ultimately helped employees make key decisions. While I am sure that some of the best lessons afforded by this project will not reveal themselves until later on, I can say that I came away having delved into one of the worldwide leaders in sports. While my childhood sketches of the next adidas shoe did not come to fruition, the experience of having gained a broad understanding of one of the world's leading companies was fruitful in and of itself. This was a truly invaluable experience, and i could not a have asked for a better situation for the past 3 weeks. I'd like to thank both Catlin and my mentor Ingrida Anderton for giving me this opportunity, and affording me the freedom to mold this project to my personal leanings. I am pleased to close this chapter in my life in this fashion. Thank you!