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By Kate and Jade

Today, we went to a smaller village outside of Gaborone called Mochudi. We had a free day and decided to try and get out of the city. Once we ventured out of the city, clear differences developed. We drove for about 40 minutes on a main highway before turning to a much smaller road that lead us to Mochudi. Our destination was a museum called Phuthadikabo. We got pretty lost trying to find a museum and ended up touring and enjoying the village life. The main street was full of shops and a lot of people trying to make a living selling candy and other things  from tables and tents. More people were walking around the main street then we’ve observed in Gabs. It felt more rural, and we could definitely tell the move from a busy city life to a more town like place. Also, as we drove around residential areas, we saw much less cars than we did in Gaborone. Many of the houses didn’t have a car in their driveway, or around their compound.

While we walked around the main street, we got a lot more stares than we did in the city. In Gaborone, people are more used to tourists and the expatriot population than people in Mochudi. While in Gabs and at MaP, we were constantly asked questions about where we were from, and where we were headed but only one person was questioned on this visit.

Also, while we could have been frustrated because of how lost we were (a woman ended up getting in one of our vans to guide us) I thought everyone really enjoyed the views we got of the town. It got us really excited for the village visits we’ll be doing in the next week.