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I stayed at MaP today to attend some classes. In the morning i found my way to English to give them a perspective on America from an American student. They were reading the book Angela's Ashes. It's about an Irish family that immigrates to America. They asked me a lot of questions about how America was compared to the advertised perception. A lot of people think America is big on partying and it's hot and sunny everywhere. We compared and constrasted the schools and i noticed that people here are a lot more friendly and that there aren't as many cliques. It's a lot easier to make friends here. Some of the similarities were the way the school was layed out-very spead out, the way the school day was structured, and how much community service was involved in the curriculum. I also attended an art class. Instead of being inside, they were doing an art project outside in nature. Back in an orchard garden, they were to make art with only things from nature that symoblized "the cycle of life" theme they had chosen. After that i hung out in the library until lunch. A guy asked me if i was good at math, i told him i might be able to help until he told me he was in calculus. We ended up working on English language and recognizing style and language of the writing. I helped out in the library until the end of the day when lunch began. Overall, classes are pretty similar except for the close relationship Catlin students have with their teachers by calling them by their first names. It's very interesting to observe the similarties and differences of the 2 cultures, specifically the schools.