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Musings on Global Education

 On the penultimate day of our Taiwan trip, I thought I would reflect on Global Education.  The kids and we, the teachers, have been in school every day for nearly two weeks.  We have come to depend on one another, taken risks in language, cultural, and daily life.  We have experienced Taiwan and Taiwanese culture to the fullest.

From Grace

Grace was our micro blogger yesterday.  Here's her take on our second school visit.

Ethan's view of the day at Neipu Elementary

Quick Note:  Clearly food is a popular topic.  Here is Ethan's take on the day.  Once again, kids will move pictures as we have consistent access.  Don't forget to check flickr where all the photos are.


Wilson's View

Quick Note:  Each day we select two kids to blog.  One has the macro view, the 30,000 view of the day.  The other is tasked with the micro view.  What aspect of the day impressed the most.  Kids are free to choose the event and we accept their choices.

Fallen Heros Ceremony Post

Quick Note:

Li-Ling, Pongi, and I are so proud that the kids have blogged about the trip.  Due to sporadic internet access and the odd language glitch, I will be reposting a couple of entries that were originally cross posted to the World Cultures blog (  We'll upload pictures as we can.  We are currently averaging around 500 photos a day, so get good and settled!  We are thoroughly enjoying our visit at Meiho High School.

Lansu Garden & Mercy Corps visit

 Year of the SnakeYesterday we visited the Lansu Garden and Mercy Corps.  Visiting Lansu Garden during Chinese New Year was certainly exciting.  Not only was the garden decorated with red lanterns and Year of the Snake activities at every turn, we were treated to two dance perfomances.  We saw a very active lion climb a mountain and we enjoyed the sunflower dance.  Of course we took lots of photos.  They can be found at this link.

Catlin Gabel Bench Photo project

 Modeled after the Flickr Bench Monday project, these photos will be uploaded on Mondays.  They were created on Open House Sunday, 2011/2012.  Enjoy them.  Click here to view the Flickr Bench Monday project  Many thanks to all the families, students, and parents who took the risk to participate in this global project.

Moving the Blog....

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In order to allow the community to comment on blog posts, my Fulbright endeavors, reflections, and journal entries will be hosted here:

See you all in April.

USPS knows where you live!

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Yesterday, I received this letter from Senator Jeff Merkley.  I've never received a personal letter from a US Senator before.  Talk about setting the bar high!  The Senator's  office sent the letter to the wrong side of the Willamette to a zip code I've never lived in.  The envelope arrived in pristine condition.  That meant an efficient US Postal Worker, during the Holiday rush, took the time to route the letter back across the river to the correct zip code.  He (or she) looked up either my name or the street to accomplish this task.  Not only is Sen