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#8: Presentation

Looks like I wont be able to upload my presentation because I made it on KeyNote and then the Catlin Tech Team took that application off of my computer. I will go talk to the tech team and try and upload it as soon as possible. 

Thanks to everyone who helped me make this happen. Especially Brett Mathes, my Catin mentor and Erin Yanke, my on-site mentor. 

Thanks again and I hope you enjoyed following my time at KBOO. 


#7: Wrapping up

Looks like this is the last full week of senior projects. I am planning on being on-air from 10-12pm tomorrow, so I am excited to reach my goal of personal air time. My mentor is having me and some other interns play some music and pretty much do whatever we want. I am not achieving my complete goal since the beginning, but then again, my senior project has evolved itself into much more than I expected.

#6: Same old (Photos)

I have been doing the same thing for the past couple days so I don't want to bore everyone with more of the same. I took a few photos around the station that are kind of cool. I took them on my phone (sorry for the bad quality).


#5: Write, Listen, Read, Talk.....write more....

I agree, Microsoft Word often feels limiting, but like you said, it is the most popular program of its kind. The formatting process to make a document “anchor ready” is pretty simple. The top line is simply for reference, but it notes the date, category of news (international, domestic, regional), name of article and the author. Then, each sentence is that will be read over the air is separated by an entire line. Lastly, simply press “F2” and the entire document will become radio ready.